The Art Of Motion Control


Serving as Artist-in-Residence at the Science Museum of Minnesota, as part of an NSF grant to create exhibits related to Calculus (2001-4):

The Math Crew (Youth Science Center, SMM)

Snowboarding and Calculus

the Brachistochrone

"Archimedes' Limit" -- a way to illustrate the limit concept

Tactile surfaces -- feeling the limit

Visting Artist at the Exploratorium -- March 2003

Stepper array challenge and the "Animanemone" -- began May 2003

"Sisyphus III", Winterthur, Switzerland -- began June 2003

"Ferrosaurus " -- October, 2003 -- kids, steel, and welding equipment...

"Paint Machines" -- July, 2004 -- kids, paint, machines, open space...

Artbots talent show in New York City -- September, 2004.

"Mindfest" at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History -- October, 2004.

"Divergentes" -- a month-long residency making CNC sculpture in the Basque region of Spain, May, 2005.

"Good Experience Live" -- I was one of the speakers at this conference in NYC, and demonstrated the new servo-driven ribbon dancer prototype on stage, April 29, 2005.

"Eggbots and Sisyphus in Ireland" -- Sisyphus IV (see Artbots '04 in archive) was invited to "The Ark," a children's museum in Dublin for their "Save the Robots" exhibition last summer. As part of the festivities, I taught both my Eggbot and Shimmibots classes there in July, 2005.

Artbots, 2005 -- I competed again last summer, in Dublin. I lugged servo-driven, tandem Ribbon Dancers in my luggage. July, 2005.

CNC meets ice fishing-- Art Shanty Projects. A collaboration with Jesse Hemminger, on a frozen Minnesota lake. January-February, 2006.

I was one of the speakers at the "Emerging Digerati" series, hosted by the Institute of New Media Studies at the University of Minnesota, held at the Weisman Art Museum. February 6, 2006.

Great fun showing off Eggbots and a prototype of the Ribbon Dancer at the Maker's Faire, in San Mateo, CA, April 22-23. An amazing experience, with more than 20,000 people attending.