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Artbots 2004 -- robot talent show in NYC

Very nice video of the show (qt, 18M)

The third annual "artbots" show was held Sept.17-19 in a warehouse space at the corner of 126th and Amsterdam, in Harlem ( ). Twenty artists using robotic technology were selected, coming from all over the US and Europe.

The show included a wide variety of works, and well represented the current state of "robotic art" -- undefined and all over the place. This opportunity provided the ideal incentive to construct a portable sand plotter, "Sisyphus IV." Having to fit it into luggage weighing under 50 lbs. per piece was an interesting challenge. I began construction about two weeks before the show. The new hardware was barely tested when time ran out and it was time to fly to Denver for a family reunion. I set up in our rented log cabin, and continued the "break in."


After four days in beautiful mountain country, my son and I flew from Denver to NY, and took a cab to the show site. Amazingly, everything survived the luggage handlers. Setup went fine (although it must have been about 95F in the building!) and the show opened the next day at noon. At first I had some doubts-- would anyone come uptown this far and brave the oppressive heat? New Yorkers are tough!

I will cherish many memories of this show. The lack of pretension, students from NYU and Columbia, discussions with artists from all over the world, neighborhood residents stopping in to check us out and staying for hours...

Sisyphus IV won both the visitor's choice and artist's choice.

Great thanks to Douglas Repetto, and all the people who work so hard to make this a yearly event.

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