The Art Of Motion Control

"Paint Machines"-- The MYBEST team of the Youth Science Center visits for the third annual overnight at the farm:

The team left the Museum in two vans and arrived at the farm around 4pm on Friday. The first task was to put up the tents--

Then dinner, and a tour --

(the barn)

(the sculpture park)

video clip (320x240 wmv, 1.7M)

Then work on our projects and some fun--


And, of course, a campfire and roasting marshmallows--


After spending a quiet night in the tents (not!), we were up and ready to go. After a morning session of building, we got together to discuss our progress--

And then it was finally time to try out all our ideas--



wmv video clips:

trebuchet (640x480, 1.4M),

spinner (640x480, 1.3M),

rocket (640x480, 2.1M),

funnel (320x240, 0.7M),

giant spin art (320x240, 0.4M).

And the host of Public Television's "Dragonfly TV" and his film crew came out and filmed our experiments--

Having completed our canvases, there was one more left to do. As a reward for all the hard work, those that wanted to participated on the final painting-- getting totally into their work:

, wmv of paint fight (640x480, 2.6M)

And they not only produced a beautiful canvas--

, but an incredible sight on the field of grass--

After hosing off and changing clothes, we got together one last time and thanked everyone (kids and adults) for all their hard work. After the vans and cars had left, I stumbled around in a daze, and was amazed by what had happened--