The Art Of Motion Control

"Motion control" --

--term used to describe a variety of techniques for orchestrating the movement of machinery and objects. "Robotics," "CNC," and "automation" all fall under the motion control umbrella.

The purpose of this site is to suggest that motion control is also an emerging medium for artistic expression.

Despite the universal use of motion control in industrial settings, its use by artists has been hampered by the enormous cost of commercial equipment. Because access to the tools of this medium is crucial for its exploration, one strategy open to motivated artists, is building their own equipment from scrapped components flowing out of industrial sources. I have spent the past 15 years pursuing this goal. In so doing, I find myself on an unpredictable path winding through three landscapes: science, art, and education.

It is my hope that these pages may provide both inspiration and directly useful information to others wishing to explore this new medium.

Bruce Shapiro